Nick Mueller

I’m Nick, and I am a photographer in Southern California.

I am a very blessed father of two beautiful little girls, Mathilda and Beatrix, my son Milo, and a husband to my equally beautiful wife Lisa.

I like to create images and people happen to be my favorite subject.  I’m keen on keeping things that hold a sentimental value to me.  My Grandfather’s old rangefinder camera, my daughter’s hospital cap, bottles of dirt from countries I’ve visited.  My favorite things though happen to be photographs. I have photos of my great-grandparents, and relatives from generations past.  Albums of photos my mother took of me from childhood to high school, mostly of me with my head half-cocked, eyes saying, “not another picture Mom!”.   I love reminiscing on them today though.  I naturally became a committed photographer of my own two little girls documenting everything from their births, milestones, their playtime, to the stylized little shoots that my wife and I setup for them.  It is my hope and mission to provide you, and yours who are yet to come, with these same types of keepsakes.