Patrick & Katerina // Pasadena Engagement, NYE 2016

New Years Eve, 2016, Pasadena. If you are a native Californian these words mean one thing... the Rose Parade is soon to arrive!! You are either staying home in your pajamas and watching the parade on TV, or braving the immense crowds who have gathered from all over, to view the fantastic floats and presentations street-side. For Patrick, this was one of the last days his fiancee Katerina would be in town and we had planned to squeeze in an engagement photo session. Patrick called me the morning of with a worrying question about the viability of shooting that day. It was raining. Not gonna lie, I was slightly worried myself. How could we brave the traffic and crowds of thousands of people coming into Pasadena for the parade and shoot an intimate engagement session? Add rain to the equation and I began to think the whole endeavor might end up doomed.  Given our time constraints with their schedule availability we pressed on with the plan, none the less, and I am so, so glad we did.  The shoot unfolded like a classic romantic film.  We perused Pasadena in all her glory, with the once dreaded dramatic rainclouds highlighting the Historic Colorado Street Bridge with fantastic pops of color.  We wrapped up with a nice warm cup of coffee to take the chill off in Old Town Pasadena, which is a gem in itself.  Enjoy!!